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Enrichment is defined as ‘something you add to your dog’s environment that they choose to interact with and that has a positive impact on their psychological or physical well being.’

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi running towards the camera

Welsh Corgis

Two breeds with a distinct look

Border Collies

Highly intelligent and active dogs!


Amazing first pets for families!

Giving Rescue Dogs a Second Chance

Jerry Green Dog Rescue was founded in 1961 in Broughton, Lincolnshire and is now one of the UK’s largest dog rescue charities.

A small, brown and white dog is eating from a raised wooden and metal dog bowl that is filled with food.

Dogs eating too fast

Your first step in discovering why your dog is eating too quickly should be to visit a vet, they are the experts after all.

Hot Dogs

Instead of worrying about it being too cold, we need to start thinking about if it will be too hot for our dogs.

A small brown and white dog is sat in a field of dry grass

Post Puppy Blues

“He might only be here for part of your life, but for him you are his whole life.”