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transporting your dog safely - a woman talking to a dog in the boot of a car

Transporting your dog safely

Car safety is something that we are all reasonably familiar with. From 1965 when seat belts were first introduced, to them becoming mandatory for all passengers in 1991, we have as a society, become more aware of the dangers of car travel and how we can best protect our loved ones should we be involved in an accident.

Northwest Surrey

Discover Northwest Surrey with our K9 Adventurers, Lori and Princess Buttercup!

North Berwick

Jemma and Arrow, our K9 Adventurers, explore North Berwick! Read about their adventure!


April, Gordon and Seve, our K9 Adventurers, explore Chester! Read about their adventures!

Dog Show Basics

The dogs I am now showing, Jive and Radar, love the whole experience from the preparation to the travelling to the show ring

Dog Breed Categories

We’ve looked at each breed group, what traits define it and some specific breeds from each group.

German Shepherds

Energetic and Loyal, a fantastic family dog

Exercise with Canicross

If the idea of getting a bit fitter and building a closer bond with your dog appeals to you, then why not try Canicross!

Introducing Hydrotherapy

As a therapy, hydrotherapy has no or low force impact on the body and can be very beneficial as long as the water is heated and cleanliness is properly controlled with the use of chemicals.