Learn the story of how K9 Nation got started, the inspiration, and who is involved today!

Meet Buddy

Buddy the cockapoo came into our founder Becky’s life at just 8 weeks old, back in November 2015. Having done lots of research, planned everything out and being as prepared as possible it was a shock to discover there was still so much she didn’t know. Little did she know at the time that Buddy was going to be the inspiration behind K9 Nation. 

Having a dog, let alone a new puppy, can be hard work and can feel overwhelming at times.   Simple things like where do I find a good local dog walker or groomer that I can trust? Where can I go for new walks? I’m planning a trip and I want to find dog friendly places to stay!

It can be a minefield out there. Becky realised there was a need for an app that the dog owner community from anywhere in the UK could access, to give them all the information they might need. With this information dog owners could feel free to live life how they like, with their dog by their side. 

K9 Nation is about creating a digital community, where like-minded owners can meet, chat and share their knowledge with each other. Nowadays we all use the internet to check reviews of products and places, and dog owners in the UK deserve to be able to do the same when it comes to looking after their dog.

Buddy helped Becky to understand that dogs are a part of the family and now, together, they are helping others in the dog owner community to enjoy their time together too. 

Our Founder's dog, a Cockapoodle, Buddy, sat in the park
Our founder Becky's dog, Buddy, sat in the park

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