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All About Puppies

Check out our fantastic guide that covers all things puppy!

Bringing a puppy home can be overwhelming at times...but you don't have to face that journey alone!

We’ve prepared a downloadable resource full of blogs and articles, written by industry experts to give you some tips and advice about raising your new puppy.

From training to teething to things to look out for when sourcing a responsible breeder, we hope this booklet provides you and your puppy with the foundations to tackle those difficult first few months with confidence.

Oh! And remember to tag us in photos of you and your new puppy so we can stay up to date with your journey too! 

Who are we?

K9 Nation brings resources to a community of dog owners and a platform for them to share their experiences!

We are dog owners ourselves and have a passion for giving our dogs the best lives possible! We’ve put together a guide for new, or experienced, dog owners to support them in raising a puppy.

Fill out the form and we will send you a copy of our All About Puppies guide which brings together advice from our network of dog experts and our experience as a team of dog owners!

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