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Thank you! We've raised 114% of our crowdfunding target and we couldn't have done it without you!


Educational content developed by our #K9Experts to support the K9 Nation community

We’ve worked with experts in many dog-related fields to bring you articles that we hope will help you as dog owners. Here we have previews for the articles. To access the full articles, download the K9 Nation app for free!

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Alongside our articles, we’ve created some infographics to show some of this information in an easily accessible way. If you find this information useful, please feel free to use the infographics yourself when posting on social media!

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Running isn’t for everyone, but there is something quite special when you run with your dog.

By Lucie Mountain

Paw Runner

The environment and your dog - A dog lying in the grass with a chew toy

Being a dog owner and being environmentally conscious can be quite tricky at times. Get some tips on how to consider the environment more when making choices for your dog!

By Jo Baker

Collar Club

Enriching your dog's life - A dog eating an apple

Providing our dogs with adequate mental stimulation can be just as important as meeting their exercise needs and can help to prevent a wide range of problems that occur when our dogs become bored and under-stimulated.

By Amanda Griffiths

Cognitive Canine Company

welcoming home a rescue dog - a dog between the ankles of a person

When will they be walked, fed, trained, toileted? What will happen when you go out to work or to the shops? Who will be responsible for dog walks, feeding and clearing up after them?

By Suzanne Gould

Edinburgh Holistic Dogs

transporting your dog safely - a woman and a dog sat in the boot of a car

Safe and comfortable pet transport is something that we are deeply passionate about so here is some helpful advice to know you are doing the right thing when travelling with your dog.

By Claire Harris

Pets 2 Places

Begin adapting to the environment gradually, so your current pet has a chance to get used to the new arrangements. Have a look at your home and think like a cat, get to know them as a species and similarly for the dog too.

By Katie Scott Dyer CDBC

Behavioural Consultant

Reactivity is a reaction to something that is scaring or worrying your dog and can often take owners by surprise. In reality, there will have been an accumulative of things that have built up to end up at this stage.

By Carrie Stuthridge

Carrie’s Canines & Friends

Their advice to help dogs with the stress of fireworks is to provide them with a safe haven, consider a calming collar or plug-in, walk during daylight, and try to desensitise them to firework sounds.

By Rachel Spencer

The Paw Post

Lymphoma is a condition that, sadly, we can’t cure in most cases. However, it is often one of the more treatable cancers, meaning that it is more likely that we can achieve remission in your pet.

By Ben Sweeney


All of the typical ‘undesirable’ behaviours that we want to rectify, such as excessive barking, are just their way of expressing how they feel about something at that moment.

By Becky Shuttleworth

Therapy 4 Dogs

Pet Bereavement

When that bond is broken, whether it is an accident, illness or age, there will come a time when we have to make a decision and then we have to live with the burden of making that decision or of taking care of their remains.

By Carrie Ball

Animal Bereavement Counselling with Carrie Ball

Is it fear or anxiety? Medically, fear is an emotional response to a known, real, or perceived threat, whereas anxiety is an overwhelming sense of apprehension caused by an unknown, expected or poorly defined threat or anticipation of future threat.

By Kerry Lawson

The FairyDogmother

I’d always urge anybody searching for a dog care provider to consider welfare first, put your logical cap on and think pragmatically about what is really being offered to you and your pup.

By Rikki Sullivan

Poochville Doggy Daycare & Adventures

Puppy training is important. It improves the bond between the puppy and owner, it can help work out the puppy’s likes and dislikes, makes the puppy an easier dog to live with and it can help to limit the stress of the whole family

By Lyndsay

Puppy Training IOM


It is for all breeds and all behaviour issues, or attitudes. All breeds excel at Mantrailing as all dogs have noses, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Cane Corso.

By Kathryn Jones

Trailing K9s

Hearing your dog growl at your child is a heart stopping moment for any parent. Your reaction may well be to panic, punish the dog and then start to consider options like re-homing. But stop…breathe…it may not be as bad as you think.

By Aileen Stevenson KPA CTP

The Perfect Puppy Company

The puppy blues can happen at any point during the puppy stage. It may start right after you bring the dog home for the first time, during that first week, or it may happen after a few months.

By Jordan Dargue

K9 Nation


The sport originated as a way for mushers to keep their sled dogs fit during the summer months. In fact, some of the harnesses that the dogs wear during Canicross are the same as the ones that sled dogs wear while pulling sleds.

By Vicki Girling

One & All Dog Fitness

Through Dog Parkour and playing games with our dogs, it turns our walks into an adventure and enables us to have fun with our dogs and strengthen our bond with them by encouraging our dogs to focus on us rather than sniffing out squirrels.

By Vicki Girling

One & All Dog Fitness

The thyroid gland is an almost mythical part of the body that everybody knows exists but nobody is quite sure where it is, what it does and what happens when it goes wrong.

So, let’s take a whistle stop tour of all things thyroid so that you know what to look out for in your dog!

By Ben Sweeney


Part of being a responsible dog owner is making sure you adhere to the laws and regulations surrounding dog ownership. Many new dog owners don’t even realise there are specific laws relating to what you can and can’t do with your four-legged friends so we have put together this useful guide of some of the main things you need to be aware of.

By Becky Baker

K9 Nation

Try not to walk alone, find a friend or family member that can accompany you. That age old saying ‘safety in numbers’ can certainly apply here. If you do have to walk alone, WALK WITH CONFIDENCE.

By Jessica Graves

Ginger Paws

When you are around your dog it is important to watch and learn his own particular body language, so you will learn to understand the small changes and signals that show you how he is feeling, and help him through any situations he might find stressful.

By Maxine Whittaker

Canine Voices

So where should you start? I cant imagine how daunting it must be to start your search for the right dog to join your family.

By Colette Perkins

Peas in a Pod Ultrasound

Not many dog owners know that dog first aid is ‘a thing’. If you have a baby and something happens you can ring 999. Experts will help you perform first aid over the phone until paramedics arrive who take charge and then transport your baby to the hospital if necessary. Unfortunately, pets do not have that same luxury.

By Kathy Hobson

Dog First Aid Sussex

This is every dog owner’s worst nightmare come true. What would you do? Of course, your first instinct is to go looking for them straight away, shouting their name – but, is this the best thing you can do to find your dog?

By Becky Smith

Pettrailer UK

It is very common for dogs and cats to be affected by fleas or worms in any part of their life. As a responsible pet owner, it is our duty to be aware of this problem and take appropriate measures to protect our pets from worms and fleas.


Getting rid of fleas is not easy. You have to treat not only your dog but your whole household too.

By Jitka Krizova

Vita Canis

A woman runs behind two dogs that are tied to her on a patch of grass by a canal

Any harness which you chose for your dog should be checked in 5 specific areas to allow a full, free range of motion when the dog is running.

By Emily Thomas

K9 Trail Time

Running with your dog

Dangerous Christmas Foods

10 Things For Summer

Stress of fireworks

Improve your wellbeing