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welcoming home a rescue dog - a dog between the ankles of a person

Welcoming home your rescue dog

High paw to you if you are planning to adopt or have just adopted a dog into your family! It’s an exciting time with equal parts of nerves and stress thrown in for good measure. It is a confusing time for you and your new furry family member, so it is best to set off on the right foot and paw.

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Enriching your dog's life - A dog eating an apple


Enrichment is defined as ‘something you add to your dog’s environment that they choose to interact with and that has a positive impact on their psychological or physical well being.’

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The environment and your dog - A dog lying in the grass with a chew toy

The environment, your dog and you

Being a dog owner and being environmentally conscious can be quite tricky at times. The world of dog products is flooded with consumables, plastic packaging on treats, poor quality toys and with almost 10 million dog owners in the UK (PDSA Animal wellbeing report 2019), – this creates a huge amount of waste.

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Running with your dog

September has arrived, which means cooler weather and the perfect time to step up your fitness and explore your local parks, tracks and trails, beaches and woodland with your faithful companion.

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Introducing Hydrotherapy

As a therapy, hydrotherapy has no or low force impact on the body and can be very beneficial as long as the water is heated and cleanliness is properly controlled with the use of chemicals.

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