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Meet the K9 Nation Interns

Meet Megan, Ellie, Nancy, Sarah, Deepa and Evy! Our K9 Nation interns, from all over the UK, who are working with us to build and grow our K9 Nation community and get an insight into what it’s like to be part of a start-up business.

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Dog Pie - A cooked pie on a cloth on a table, next to a rolling pin and a small pot containing flour

Dog Pie

Of course, a pie can be dog friendly, just make sure you skip the sugar and other non-dog-friendly ingredients.

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Dog Popcorn - Popcorn in a container

Dog Popcorn

Popcorn is actually healthy for your dog! It contains potassium and calcium and is very low on calories when prepared all-natural.

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Pet Travel - A dog looking out of a train window

Pet Travel – UK

The dawn of the new year brought with it a fresh set of rules and regulations for how the UK operates and interacts with Europe and the rest of the world, not least including how we travel. However, for our four-legged friends it means a change in rules for them too!

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Mantrailing has been great for the bond between me and Monty while it has allowed us to meet some lovely people and awesome dogs, too. I have loved meeting other dogs and hearing about their story – some were rescue dogs, some were puppies and others were dogs that started Mantrailing when they were much older.

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Why I decided to get investment

This was amazing for me as I was no longer on my own and was surrounded by an amazing leadership team to support me, a marketing team and some amazing software developers who could re-build the app for me.

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