Dangerous Easter Foods

Make sure your dog doesn't eat these dangerous Easter foods!

For many of us, Easter is a time to spend with family, including our pup! Everyone has their own traditions and Easter foods they like to eat, but we’ve found some staples can be harmful to our dogs. To make sure that everyone has a fun, and safe, Easter, we wanted to share some Dangerous Easter Foods to watch out for, and some alternatives you could try!

Can dogs eat chocolate?

The most obvious food to watch out for around Easter is chocolate. There are two specific chemicals in chocolate that cause issues for dogs, Caffeine and Theobromine. Depending on the type of chocolate, these chemicals appear in different amounts, so different amounts will make your dog sick.

White chocolate generally doesn’t contain much of the poisonous elements, but they are still present and white chocolate also often has a higher fat content. Whilst a small amount of chocolate won’t necessarily make your dog sick right away, it’s best to avoid all chocolate!

You can still give your dog a treat at Easter! There are lots of options for Easter-themed treats that are more tailored to our dogs’ diets.

Can dogs eat hot cross buns?

A firm Easter favourite in our houses, it’s best to be careful with hot cross buns around our dogs. Traditionally they contain dried fruits of various kinds, which can cause issues with dogs ranging from vomiting and diarrhoea to severe kidney issues.

Some modern versions of hot cross buns are flavoured with chocolate, which can also be an issue. Hot cross buns are also often high in fat and sugar which are both things we need to manage in our dogs’ diets.

Try using our dog biscuit recipe and shaping the biscuits into a hot cross bun shape! That way, your dog can join in with the family but with a treat that will be better on their digestion.

Can dogs eat roast dinner?

If you’re cooking a roast this Easter, there’s plenty on the plate that your dog can eat and will love! Roasted meat is generally safe for dogs to eat, as long as you haven’t cooked it with onions, garlic, or leeks! Removing these vegetables from your cooking, or just adding them after pulling out some food for your dog, will mean they can take part safely!

Carrots and parsnips can be eaten raw by our dogs, as well as cooked. Potatoes will need to be cooked though as raw potatoes can be harmful to our dogs, as well as us.

Make sure to avoid these dangerous Easter foods.

We hope you have a very happy Easter!