Dog First Aid Month

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For K9 Nation it’s Dog First Aid Month! Take a look at what we have planned!

For K9 Nation it’s Dog First Aid Month! Take a look at what we have planned!

Over the course of 2021 we have been focusing on Responsible Dog Ownership and talking about how dog owners can become more responsible. We have looked at dog etiquette all the way from nutrition through to caring for our dogs.

As we approach the warmer months and lockdown starts to ease, we have started to look at and talk about how to help your dog’s adapt to changes and start socialising again.  With this in mind, dog owners and hobbyists will be out and about more often with their dogs, leading to more adventures and more exploring. Being out and about and being prepared for an emergency is so important and for that reason, we have decided to brand April as our Dog First Aid Month.

Why dog first aid month?

Dog first aid is important as a dog owner because it promotes early diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. It means that we can act calmly in an emergency and rationally prioritise what requires first aid, ensuring that our dogs are given the best possible chance of remedy and in some cases, survival. After all, nobody wants the worst to happen and feel they could have done more.

Dog First Aid is so important for both the dog owner and any dog businesses where a dog is in your care as a groomer or indeed a dog walker, for example.

What do we have planned for dog first aid month?

Throughout our content this month we want to highlight the basics of what to do in an emergency, along with how to prevent accidents and pre-empting potential hazards that might occur when we are outdoors with our dogs.

In addition to this we will be featuring guest articles and blogs from specialist and professionals in this area, working closely with ‘Dog First Aid’.

We will look at how to be prepared for an emergency, what to do in an emergency and what to look for in dog first aid kits on the market, including what should be in your first aid kit as an essential.

“Dog First Aid” has delivered CPD accredited training workshops to thousands of happy dog owners and canine professionals!

A small dog lies on a bright blue carpet as two hands show how to perform CPR

Have you thought about dog first aid?

Many dog owners have a first aid kit in bathroom cabinets for emergencies but have you thought about what you’ll do if you need to provide first aid for your dog? Having a pet first aid kit is just the first step, and there are several things you need to know about using the kit and first aid techniques necessary in case of a dog emergency.

The key to providing first aid to dogs is to bide time before professionals arrive. If the dog is choking or has been poisoned you cannot be searching for items or advice online while your dog is gasping for breath, bleeding, in pain or worse. It should be noted that no first aid for dogs done by yourself at home should be a substitute for proper veterinary care.

How can you learn more?

In addition to our article and blogs throughout April we will also be highlighting Dog First Aid courses available in the market.  First aid courses are an invaluable differentiator for those working in the industry as dog-walkers or groomers, as they can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in dog first aid to enhance your authority and encourage new and potential clients to feel confident trusting their pets to your care. Additional dog first aid is helpful to dog owners who want to ensure they are fully prepared for an emergency or indeed a hobbyist who may encounter problems when they return to their pet sports.

In addition to our usual blogs and articles, our April podcast will also be based on Dog First Aid, with special guests who specialise in dog first aid and dog first aid training. 

We do hope that you find our content and advice and guidance useful throughout April, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you specialise in this area and want to support us in our campaign to spread awareness.

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