Eco-friendly Products

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There are dog-friendly businesses up and down the country that are taking steps to become more environmentally and sustainably aware. This gives dog owners easier ways to help the planet!

We’ve put together some of the products from our K9 Marketplace members that consider the different aspects of becoming more sustainable!

Acai Bamboo Socks

Natural, renewable source

Bamboo socks are incredibly soft, and bamboo is a natural and sustainable source! The bamboo plant grows quickly and easily and can re-grow from shoots when it’s harvested. Acai’s Bamboo socks are breathable and perfect for warmer weather!


Naturally-sourced plastic

The Doo-Kee Poop Bag Holder is also made from natural sources! PLA is a plastic that is created using natural and renewable materials. Using natural resources for plastic means we don’t have to use fossil fuels!

Adios Plastic

Compostable in 3-6 Months

For a great combination with the last product, the Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags are a great alternative to regular plastic dog poo bags! You can compost the bags at home just make sure not to use that compost on any fruit and veggies in your garden! The bags will degrade fully in 3-6 months.

Hug Pet Food

Eco-friendly packaging

When it comes to food, it’s important to think about where our dog’s food comes from and, also, how it’s grown. Hug Pet Food is all-natural, so you won’t find any artificial preservatives and they use eco-friendly packaging to be even more sustainable!

Vita Canis

All-natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are also important when we think about aromatherapy. Vita Canis produces all-natural products and living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a key driving force in the development of new products!

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