Responsible Dog Ownership

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The month of February is also known as ‘National Responsible Dog Ownership Month’ and with responsible dog ownership being one of our core 5 values here at K9 Nation we thought we’d share our thoughts on what it means to be a responsible dog owner.

Here at K9 Nation we believe that being a responsible dog owner can be split into two categories.

Being responsible to others

When we talk about being responsible to others we mean those outside the home such as your local community and other dog owners. This can range from the basics of simply picking up after your dog has been to the toilet, to making sure you have the right pet insurance should an accident occur and your dog was the cause, meaning you are responsible to cover any financial damages or compensation. For many new dog owners, it can be a minefield and there will be lots of things that haven’t even crossed their mind.

Everyone has their own levels of interpretation of what it means to be ‘responsible’ and at K9 Nation we try not to judge others behaviour however we would actively encourage our community members to educate themselves as to some of the common issues and be as courteous to those around us as possible. You often see people on social media complaining that someone let their off lead dog approach their nervous dog despite clearly keeping their dog on its lead and trying to avoid interaction. Whilst this can seem harmless to some people these situations can often escalate and cause a dog severe anxiety and distress if they are reactive.

This is just one example of a degree of responsibility that can be demonstrated by us as dog owners and there are many many more to think about!

Being responsible for our dog's welfare

Secondly, being responsible for the welfare of your dog and ensuring you are meeting their needs, is vital to responsible dog ownership.

Again this can range significantly and vary from dog to dog but there are some basics such as making sure they get the right food and right amount of exercise, making sure they get the appropriate health checks when they need them and not participating in any harmful training methods.

You can of course take it a step further and learn how to understand your dog’s body language to be alert to their emotional state and be able to avoid putting them in stressful situations. Furthermore you can explore topics such as getting the right bed for your dog, making sure you know the basics in dog first aid in case of an emergency …. The list is endless.

At K9 Nation we are on a mission to make it as easy as possible to be a responsible dog owner and remove as many of the barriers and obstacles so people can get the information they need.

As well as allowing you to connect as a community and find products and services you may need we also publish useful articles and blogs to support you and help inform about a whole range of topics from experts throughout the dog community.

Below are just a few of the articles which may be of interest to you relating to being a responsible dog owner that are currently available to access for free in the app:

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Understanding canine body language

We’d like to finish by encouraging everyone in the dog community to be supportive and understanding of each other. We have all taken on the responsibility of bringing our dogs into our homes and with that comes the resulting obligation to do the right things by not only the dog but those around us as well.

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