Spring Cleaning with a Dog

Here's some of our top Spring Cleaning tips for dogs owners!

The daffodils are in bloom, lambs are starting to appear in the fields and as Easter fast approaches we can’t help but start to think about having a good Spring clean. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our top spring cleaning tips for dog owners! Tidy up your house whilst ensuring that your home remains a safe space for your four-legged friends.

1. Have a good clear out

We always like to start the cleaning process by sorting through our dog’s cupboard. Over the previous 12 months we’ve bought countless knick knacks, accessories and extra toys for Buddy and we just don’t use them all. For us, the best approach is to sort them into 3 categories. Items to keep, items to donate to our local dog charity, and items to recycle or throw away.

Sometimes there are toys that Buddy never engaged with, treats that he didn’t like, or accessories he just never uses or wears. Local rescue charities are often on the lookout for supplies they can use. Typically they always need things like fleece blankets, large towels, dog beds, meaty treats, dry dog food, strong dog toys and waterproof dog coats. Please note they cannot accept opened food and treats, or items such as duvets and pillows. 

Once you have your ‘keep’ pile, give the items a clean if possible and then pop them neatly back in the cupboard to make it easier to find things when you need them.

2. Wash and air soft furnishings

Next on our list of spring cleaning tips for dog owners is tackling the soft furnishings; the wide variety of dog beds all over our home, blankets flung over various pieces of furniture, or rugs that the dog likes to sleep on. We recommend washing them as regularly as you can but for some of the more heavy duty items, take advantage of the better weather and pop them outside to air and give them a good shake.

There are some great products that are dog friendly on the market that you can use to freshen up soft furnishings such as the Zoflora Pet and Home Care Range. They have 3 pet friendly fragrances available and they recommend diluting Zoflora in water, soaking a cloth in it and wiping down pet beds, baskets and cages with the solution. Not only does this help kill bacteria but it leaves a lovely fragrance behind too. Just be sure to make sure everything is fully dried before your furry friend comes into contact with it again. 

Whilst you’ve got your cleaning gloves on, don’t forget to give your dog’s collar a good wash too! We suggest using your regular dog’s shampoo as this will reduce the risk of any harmful reaction when the dog puts it back on again.

3. Muddy Walls

As a dog owner the winter months and the constant mud baths seem to last forever, but when Spring finally does arrive we often like to give the house itself a deeper clean to erase the memories of those chilly wintery walks. 

We often find that even when we’ve been using towels or gauntlets to wipe muddy paws before coming back into the house, mud still somehow seems to find itself flicking up the paintwork in the hallway! 

If you don’t fancy getting the paintbrush out for a touch up yet again, how about using this spring cleaning tip to wipe away the mud without taking off the paint! Mix a third fabric softener with water, then use a dishcloth to dip in the solution and gently wipe away the mud. You’ll find the dirt comes away easily leaving the paint behind and, better still, it dries streak free.

4. Cleaning Windows

Another common problem we face as dog owners is saliva on our windows. Many of us have four legged companions that see themselves as neighborhood watch and feel it’s their duty to bark and slobber on the windows at the same time. Rather than using any abrasive window cleaning chemicals we recommend using a spray bottle filled with equal parts water and vinegar and a lint free cloth to wipe away the saliva.

5. Teething Marks

Depending on the age of your dog and whether they’ve been through their teething phase you might find yourself with wooden furniture that has teeth or scratch marks on it. Rubbing a walnut over the scratch replenishes the oil on the wood and vastly improves the look of the mark!

6. Shedding

Our final spring cleaning tip for dog owners tackles shedding! If your dog sheds, and you are constantly battling with the hoover getting clogged up with fur, try using a pair of rubber gloves to get the worst of the fur up by hand. This is especially good for sofas, just dampen your rubber glove and run your hand over the surface of your sofa to attract hair. The wet glove gently causes the fur to stick to it, so all you have to do is rinse off the glove when it’s covered and repeat as necessary.

Everyday tips!

Regularly clean food and water bowls

Did you know it’s good practice to wash your pet’s food bowl with hot, soapy water after every meal, and wash water bowls every couple of days? If not, bacteria can develop and cause illness in your dog. What kind of bacteria grows in the bowls depends on factors like the environment, exposure and oral hygiene of your dog but we recommend to play it safe and just get into the habit of washing them on a regular basis.

Keep your house smelling fresh

If you are the type of person who likes to keep your home smelling ‘sweet as a rose’ please be sure to check that your fragrance and product of choice is pet friendly. Many scents can be toxic to dogs whether that is from candles, essential oils, diffusers and potpourri. We would always advise to check before exposing your dog to them.

As dog owners we typically have to deal with more dirt and mess in our homes than those who don’t have a dog, but we hope you’ll agree that they are worth it. We hope you enjoyed our spring cleaning tips for dog owners and if you have any dog owner life hacks you’d like to share with the community please get in touch!