Merry, curious and excitable, a great first dog!


Merry, curious and excitable, a great first dog!


Originally bred as scenthounds, Beagles are a very curious breed and love playing with people and other dogs.

Many of the common health issues faced by Beagles can be managed with screening and early diagnosis and treatment. Beagles are very energetic and will love spending lots of time engaged with their owners.

Beagles have a strong build for their small size! It’s important to exercise them well and feed them properly to avoid weight issues.


There are some key areas to watch out for when raising a healthy Beagle. Their eyes are of particular risk with conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts being common in the breed.

Weight can also be an area of concern and it’s important to make sure a Beagle is exercised well and fed properly to avoid weight-based issues.


Symptoms: rubbing of the eyes, watery discharge, cloudy or bluish eye colour change

A disease where the pressure in the eye is increased and causes issues within the eye. There can be a number of different causes of Glaucoma but early screening and regular checkups can help make sure it’s caught early.


Symptoms: unexpected weight gain, obesity, reluctance to exercise, laziness

Hypothyroidism is when your dog isn’t producing enough of the thyroid hormones. This causes a slow metabolism and can lead to gaining weight and sluggish behaviour.

Patella Luxation

Symptoms: hopping, skipping, or generally avoiding the use of a leg

Patella Luxation is the dislocation of a dog’s knee cap, preventing the knee from extending properly. This can happen for many reasons but is treatable if noticed early.


The smallest of the Hound breed group, Beagles clock in at between 33cm and 40cm, weighing between 9kg and 14kg.

Beagles often appear large for their small
size and have a sturdy frame. Because of this, they are an active breed that need plenty of exercise.

Beagles have on of the widest range of coat colours that are recognised as breed standard!

With almost 20 different variations of colour combinations, most Beagles are a mixture of white and another colour: Badger, Black, Blue, Hare, Lemon, Red or Tan.

You’ll also see Tri-colour Beagles, often with Black, Red and White colours.


Ideal for first time owners, Beagles are incredibly loving and friendly with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. They will always want to play, so Beagles can work very well as a second dog but may cause issues if under- stimulated.

Beagles are curious and clever but training can be involving as they can get distracted easily and can be quite stubborn. Remaining engaged and giving plenty of playtime will help to train a Beagle and keep them happy!

As one of the smaller Hound breeds, Beagles work well in smaller houses or apartments.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

Happy with Strangers

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