Border Collies

Highly intelligent and active dogs!

Border Collies

Highly intelligent and active dogs!


Border Collies are an incredibly active breed and caring for one will mean getting out and about multiple times a day to make sure they are getting the exercise they need.

Loyal and affectionate with their owners, Border Collies can be wary of strangers whether that’s people, or other dogs.

The perfect dog for an active lifestyle and for dog owners with more space to explore!


There are a few common issues to look out for when caring for a Border Collie.

Some genetic conditions can be tested for prior to breeding which can help to limit a condition’s spread through the breed. Other issues can be manged with special care to make sure your Border Collie lives a long happy life.

Hip Dysplasia

Symptoms: problems with walking or running, decreased activity, limping

A degenerative process where the hip bone and socket become loose and shift out of alignment. This can be painful and gets worse over time but treatment can help.

Collie Eye Anomaly

Symptoms: very small eye, sunken eyeballs, issues with vision

An issue with the development of the eye, it’s not as common in Border Collies as it is with other Collie breeds but can still be an issue. Testing for this condition prior to breeding is possible.

Raine Syndrome

Symptoms: damaged or discoloured teeth

Border Collies with Raine Syndrome have much weaker teeth than normal and, as a result, their teeth become damaged easily and wear down quickly over time.


Standing at around 50cm tall, Border Collies are of a similar size to other Collie breeds.

Border Collies will weigh between 25kg and 30kg as long as they are well exercised.

Their coats require lots of attention and need brushing at least once a week to make sure it’s clean and free from matting.

There are a long list of recognised colours of Border Collie but the most common, by a long way, is black and white.

The white belly and chest that leads into their face is a common marking for Border Collies.

Generally a Border Collie’s coat is white and one or two other colours.


If there’s one thing to remember about Border Collies, make sure they are getting enough stimulation! Originally a working breed, if your dog isn’t actively working, plenty of enrichment is needed to keep them happy.

Border Collies are really intelligent and pick up positive training quickly. This can also be a great way to make sure they are stimulated.

Not the most sociable breed, you may find Border Collies prefer their own company to other dogs. Socialising them early is important.

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