Border Terriers

Compact, giddy and friendly!

Border Terriers

Compact, giddy and friendly!


Border Terriers are little energetic bundles of joy and are a fantastic addition to many families. You’ll be getting plenty of exercise chasing around these scruffy little terriers!

Friendly with strangers and children, Border Terriers were bred to hunt small animals so it’s best not to leave them alone with other small pets.

There’s a number of conditions you need to watch out for with Border Terriers and it’s important to watch their weight. With plenty of exercise, and regular check ups, you’ll have a loyal pet for many years!


There are a number of conditions that might be an issue with Border Terriers. Regular health check ups with a vet are important to staying on top of your dogs health and making sure their weight stays healthy.

Border Terriers can easily have weight issues if they are not exercised enough so it’s important to make sure they are getting enough activity.

Gallbladder Mucocele

Symptoms: vomiting, fever, loss of apetite, diarrhoea

A disease on the rise in dogs, this condition is caused by a build up of mucus in one part of the gallbladder. This causes the gallbladder to grow in size and cause issues.

Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS)

Symptoms: cramping, dizziness, staggering, slow walking, muscle contractions

CECS, previously known as Spike’s Disease, is a hereditary disease that can be found in a few breeds but most commonly in Border Terriers. It causes issues when the dog consumes gluten and can be helped with a gluten-free diet.

Spongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy

Symptoms: uncontrollable shaking as a puppy when attempting to stand or walk

This hereditary disease is very serious and often fatal for puppies. It’s more common in Border Terriers but it can be detected using DNA tests.


Border Terriers are one of the smaller Terrier breeds reaching no taller than 40cm.

When properly exercised, a Border Terrier can be expected to weigh between 5kg and 7kg

You’ll commonly see Border Terriers
in one of three colour combinations but there is a fourth, rarer, recognised colour.

The three most common colours combos are Red, Grizzle + Tan, and Blue +Tan.

Most dogs will come in a combination of these three colours but some will have the rarer, Wheatan, colour.


Because of their size, a Border Terrier can be a great pet for families living in flats or apartments. Just make sure you have easy access to some outdoor space as Border Terriers love to run around!

Friendly with children and strangers, you might need to keep an eye on your Border Terrier around other small animals. They are generally friendly but their prey-hunting instincts might cause issues.

Border Terriers are intelligent and can be very receptive to training.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

Happy with Strangers

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