A British icon, and a popular pet!


A British icon, and a popular pet!


Bulldogs are a hugely popular breed that will suit many dog owners. They make a fantastic pet for first time owners and will also adapt well to living in smaller living spaces.

There are health concerns to watch out for, and breeding can be an important part of reducing the harm from some genetic conditions.

An incredibly affectionate breed, Bulldogs can also be somewhat territorial but will generally be very friendly with family members and strangers alike.


Bulldogs are one of the breeds that suffers from issues with their breathing because of the shape of their face. There are ongoing efforts to control the breeding of this breed, alongside others, to help this issue.

It’s important to check you’re buying from a certified breeder.

Cherry Eye

Symptoms: swollen red area around one or both eyes

Cherry Eye refers to an issue where a Bulldogs eye becomes swollen. Often occuring in younger dogs, this can increase their chance of getting an infection.

Skin Fold Dermatitis

Symptoms: scratching, rubbing, biting, red inflamed skin

Because a Bulldog’s skin is folded, special care is needed to make sure it remains clean and healthy. When not looked after, infections can grow quickly in between the folds as this area is prone to infection.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Symptoms: loud or difficult breathing, snoring, aversion to exercise

Not all Bulldogs struggle with their breathing but many do. It’s best to get your dog checked if they are experiencing symptoms as there are options to help.


Bulldogs are short and strong dogs with a max height of around 40cm.

Well exercised and fed, a Bulldog should weigh between 18kg and 24kg.

Their wrinkles require special attention when grooming and you should take extra care to make sure they are clean.

Breed standard Bulldogs’s coats come in a combination of White, Fawn, Red, and Brindle.

A Bulldog’s coat generally is one or two colours and their fur is short.

Bulldogs can also be found with Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, or Tan markings.


Bulldogs are a fantastic choice for living in smaller spaces like aparments and only need a short to medium walk to tire them out. The rest of the time, a Bulldog is well suited to lounging around and being shown affection.

They can be quite protective of their space but will generally be warm with strangers, both human and other dogs.

With a lot of love to give and small enough to be suitable for most living situations, Bulldogs make good pets for first time dog owners.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

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