One of the UK's most popular breeds


One of the UK's most popular breeds


Labradors have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK for many years!

Originally from Canada, the Labrador Retriever was bred as a gun dog. Nowadays, Labradors can be the perfect companion dog. They’re active, playful and incredibly loyal.

You will often see Labradors working as assistance and guide dogs as they are obedient, eager to learn and quick to train.


Labrador Retrievers can be especially susceptible to joint conditions and, if not properly exercised, can develop issues with their elbow and hip joints.

These kinds of joint conditions can eventually lead to Arthritis which can be especially tough for such an active breed.

Hip Dysplasia

Symptoms: walking strangely, limping, clicking noise, difficulty standing

This condition is caused by a mis-alignment in the dog’s leg joint. It can occur as the dog grows and symptoms can come and go.

Elbow Dysplasia

Symptoms: walking strangely, limping, clicking noise, difficulty standing

Similar to Hip Dysplasia, this condition is caused by a mis-alignment in a dog’s joints but is centered around their elbow. As time goes on, this can cause Arthritis to develop.


Symptoms: decreased energy levels, change of habits, difficulty standing

Chronic pain, common in older dogs. Arthritis is a progressive disorder that eventually affects the whole dog. With proper care, a dog can continue living a happy, full life


Relatively large dogs, Labrador Retrievers can range from 55 – 62cm tall and weigh in at around 30kg.

Clocking in anywhere from 36cm – 42cm, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are on the smaller side for medium dogs.

Grooming a Labrador at home is fairly easy and they only need a grooming once a week. This will need to increase when shedding.

Labrador Retrievers have three common colour coats, black, yellow and chocolate.

You may see a different colour but these tend to be much rarer. The most common colour coat is black and a black Labrador is one of the most common dogs to see in the UK


There’s a reason that Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds around. They do well around children and other pets, making them a great addition to the family.

As active dogs, they enjoy playing and will get you out of the house! They are also very affectionate and love attention. The Labrador can be an ideal first dog as they have few issues with behaviour or temperament.

Labradors aren’t particularly suited to living small as they are larger dogs but with sufficient outdoor space they will be comfortable in most environments.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

Happy with Strangers

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