Dog Parkour

By Vicki Girling

Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour is a new and fun sport that we can do with our dogs that encourages them to interact and engage with their environment, and although it might appear to be less extreme than its human counterpart it is still just as fun and challenging for your dog, Dog Parkour is often referred to as urban agility. The best thing about Dog Parkour is that it can be done anywhere, you don’t need fancy equipment or anything special to take part, you just use the environment around you and the obstacles that you find in it, a non-restrictive harness for your dog, a lead and your imagination.

We teach our dogs to engage with their environment in different ways, such as: getting them to stand with 2 or 4 feet on different objects or obstacles, crawling under obstacles, jumping over obstacles, walking and balancing on narrow beams or platforms, getting inside items, stretching against walls and walking on different surfaces – all of these challenge the dog’s fitness abilities and get their brain working as well.

Through Dog Parkour and playing games with our dogs, it turns our walks into an adventure and enables us to have fun with our dogs and strengthen our bond with them by encouraging our dogs to focus on us rather than sniffing out squirrels.

Benefits of Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour is also a brilliant way of increasing muscle mass and strength in our dogs, and helping to strengthen the core muscles which can help towards preventing injury. By strengthening our dogs muscles and keeping them strong and fit it can also be hugely beneficial to other sports that we might do with our dogs such as Canicross, Agility, Disc Dog or Fly ball. Parkour works loads of muscles in our dogs from their neck and back all the way down to their toes! Twenty minutes of Dog Parkour is the equivalent of an hours walk and can be more than enough to tire a dog out for a morning or afternoon.

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