Facebook Data Deletion

Last updated: May 2022

K9 Nation doesn’t save your Facebook personal data. If you choose to use Facebook as your method to login to K9 Nation, a connection is made between Facebook and K9 Nation. You can remove this connection at any time by using the instructions below.

Facebook Data Deletion Instructions

  1. Go to the Setting and privacy section for your Facebook account and select “Settings”

  2. Click “Security and login”, then select “Apps and Websites” to bring up a list of your linked apps and websites.

  3. Find K9 Nation in the list of apps and websites then click “Remove” next to K9 Nation.

You will now have removed the connection between Facebook and K9 Nation.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about Facebook Data Deletion, You can contact us:

  • By email: hello@k9nation.dog