Our marketplace features are created to support businesses like yours!

Growing Community

A chance to reach an active, growing community

When you are listed as a business on the K9 Nation Marketplace, you get access to a growing community of active, motivated buyers. What’s more, the community is growing, businesses have the opportunity to create and nurture an additional distribution or revenue channel that can reach this community and support business growth.

Built-in Analytics

Detailed Sales and Marketing Analytics

The K9 Nation Marketplace has built-in analytics, enabling you to analyse the performance of your business page on the K9 Nation app to see what is selling well, what products are being reviewed or looked at enabling you to better understand your customer needs thus increasing your sales

Make It Your Own

Promote, upsell and develop your shop window

Businesses have the ability to upsell, promote and offer their products on a designated business page – its an extension to your shop window, allowing you to advertise your products and services. 

Flexible Subscription

Your business, your plan, your way

We offer a flexible, cost-effective subscription.  You can pay yearly or monthly and can cancel your subscription at any time with a minimum of one month’s notice.