Our marketplace features are created to support businesses like yours!


Create a custom listing to represent your business

Share key information about your business so that people know where to find you, your opening hours and what you offer! A description can be added to make it clear what your business does and you can add a logo to help potential customers identify you.


Show off your business to an engaged community

You can add eye-catching and engaging images, and display them in a gallery on your listing, to showcase your business and help the community get to know you.


Learn more about what your customers think

Get customers to review your business to learn more about what it is about your business that they like. Reviews can help potential customers engage and the higher your review rating the further up the results ranking you’ll appear.


Create promotions for an engaged audience

Discounts can help your business stand out from the rest. The K9 community is an engaged market of dog owners and the perfect place to add an incentive offer.


Detailed sales and marketing statistics in real time

The K9 Nation Marketplace has built-in analytics, enabling you to analyse the performance of your business page on the K9 Nation app to see what is selling well, what products are being reviewed or looked at enabling you to better understand your customer needs thus increasing your sales


Making it easier for customers to find your business

The Nearby feature was built to let our dog owner community know about businesses that are nearby. With this, your business will be shown to people that are nearby or planning to travel close to your location!

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