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What is the K9 Marketplace?

What is the K9 Marketplace?

Helping our business community reach their potential

The K9 Nation Marketplace has been developed to help support dog-friendly businesses, introducing them to our dog owner community!

The features of K9 Marketplace make it easy to promote your business and engage with active customers. Learn more about the features that come with advertising your business on the K9 Marketplace and how they can benefit you!

Promote your business to a local & national audience

Attract new target customers

Why should I join the K9 Marketplace?

Why should I join the K9 Marketplace?

Flexible advertising that connects you with dog owners

The K9 Nation Marketplace is an easy route to finding a community of dog-owner buyers.  By being a dog business advertising on the K9 Nation Marketplace, the K9 Nation community can easily access your product and/or services.

When dog owners are looking for new products, services, or places to visit, K9 Marketplace makes it easy for them to find the best dog-friendly businesses. If your business is dog-friendly or wants to advertise to dog-owners, then K9 Marketplace is the answer.

Easily market, upsell and offer discounts for products and services

Build your brand reputation & presence with community-driven reviews

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