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Improve your
dog walks

With the K9 App, you’ll be able to go on new adventures and still find parking, poo bins and dog-friendly venues.

Find dog-friendly
pubs and cafés

Check the K9 Nation app to discover new dog-friendly venues up and down the country.

We’ve added hundreds of dog-friendly pubs and cafés to take the guesswork out of exploring with your dog.

Visit new places safe in knowledge you and your pup will be welcomed.

Record your
favourite walks

Keep track of your favourite walks, and your activity, by recording your routes.

Recording routes is quick, easy and safe. Route information is entirely private and can only be seen by you.

One click and the K9 app begins tracking your route and activity.

Helping other
dog owners

The K9 Map has information to give you the confidence you need when exploring new walks.

Looking for a poo bin nearby? Hoping for somewhere dog-friendly to grab a drink? Check out the K9 Map and look for helpful pins to guide you.

You can help other dog owners too! If you spot something useful that isn’t already on the map, drop a pin to let other dog owners know.

Get involved in the conversation

Post about your walks, look for advice from other dog owners, or share your own.

See more of
what you love

You know yourself better than an algorithm, so on the K9 App, you control what you see. Follow trends via hashtags and tailor your experience on the app.

Updating your preferences can be done at any time and it’s easy to do, so your feed is full of what you want to see.

Share your experiences

You never know what might help another dog owner! The more we come together and share, the more we help dogs and dog owners everywhere.

If you’ve got a piece of advice, a helpful tip, or a recommendation, you can share it directly with dog owners on the K9 App.