Dog First Aid Month? What’s that?

Dani Hickman from Dog First Aid Derbyshire & Staffs, explains what Dog First Aid Month is all about and why it's so important!

Dog First Aid

As a Dog First Aid trainer I regularly meet people who are confused by my vocation.

“Do you teach dogs to give first aid”?

“Why don’t you just take the dog to the vet”?

“I had no idea that was a thing”?

“Are you on call if a dog needs first aid”?

What these questions highlight to me, and to my colleagues, is that there is a real need to promote awareness of what we do. For this reason, in 2020 we started Dog First Aid Month. Like all awareness dates, we want to use the month of April each year to raise the profile of what we do and how it can save lives.

In 2019 there were approximately 9 million dogs in the UK – and this number is reported to have soared during the pandemic in 2020. Responsible dog owners want to do everything possible to ensure that their pup is safe and happy. But with so many people still not knowing that they can learn the skills to help their dog in a first aid emergency, they may unwittingly be missing out on lifesaving knowledge.

“We not only teach you how do deal with medical emergencies but also how to prevent them and check for signs of illness.”

“Dogs can be accident prone and it is extremely likely that your dog will be involved in an incident that will require your intervention at least once in their lifetime.”, says Heather Lucas, a vet and the Dog First Aid Franchisee for Surrey. “We not only teach you how do deal with medical emergencies but also how to prevent them and check for signs of illness”.

I have always had canine professionals on my courses, such as groomers, home boarders, dog trainers and kennel workers. My mission this year is to get as many ordinary dog “parents” on board too!

At Dog First Aid, we believe that everyone with a dog in their life should have the skills to react in an emergency – and our customers agree. Our reviews speak for themselves.

“I have just been on the online course and cannot recommend it enough. I feel fully equipped to look after my precious dog in many circumstances now. If you have a dog… please book on the course, you won’t regret it” said Selina Carreno, “mum” to Hudson the Shih Tzu-Poodle cross.

Another attendee Nikki said, “A really good training session, I’m surprised how much I’ve learned today! Would highly recommend to anyone who owns, works, or volunteers with dogs. Relaxed, fun but packed full of info”.

As a dog “Mum” to Mally (an almost 18-year-old Staffy) and Ian (a 9-year-old Staffy cross Jack Russell) I have needed to use my skills on a number of occasions. I was able to dislodge a choking obstruction using a technique called coupage with Ian. I have stemmed bleeds for both dogs when they have ripped off their dew claws – so glad I had my first aid kit handy! I have needed to react to seizures with Ian in 2020 and with several cases of toxic ingestion with Mally – she will eat ANYTHING!

It is hugely reassuring to know that when the worst thing happens, I will know what to do. I want to give that confidence to everyone who cares for a dog.

This blog was submitted by Dani Hickman from Dog First Aid Derbyshire & Staffs.

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