Raw and Cold Pressed Food

Wilsons Pet Food share their expertise on raw and cold pressed food.

Choosing the right food for your dog is one of the most important decisions we make as pet owners, and it’s a responsibility Wilsons Pet Food take very seriously.

With a variety of options available in the market, they believe in feeding as naturally as possible and using the best ingredients is key in keeping your dog happy and healthy, this is why they choose to produce raw frozen and cold pressed dog food in their Scottish factories.

Raw frozen dog food

Raw frozen food is a delicious way of giving your dog everything they need in one pack and has great benefits including helping to improve your dog’s fur, skin, digestion and all-round general health.

Wilsons have two ranges of raw frozen dog food including Core and Premium which, put simply, are raw minced meat, similar in texture to burgers and meatballs.

Raw Frozen dog food will arrive to you fully frozen for you to store in your freezer before defrosting in the fridge before feeding.

Cold Pressed Dog Food

If you prefer the convenience of dry food, cold pressed is a great option. Unlike traditional dry dog food which is cooked at high temperatures and pressure, they use much lower temperatures and gently press the food to retain nutrients. This process means cold pressed food breaks down much quicker helping to aid digestion and prevent bloating.

If you are a raw feeder, cold pressed is a great alternative for taking away on holiday or for those with limited freezer space because it breaks down at the same rate as raw food – this also means you can even feed them together in the same bowl!

As Cold Pressed food has this greater digestibility and is more wholesome nutritionally, it is important to take the following into account when switching from a Kibbled food:

• Switch over gradually – Make sure you switch from your current food slowly by replacing part of each bowl with Wilsons over 10 days. See their feeding guide for more details.

• Feed around 30% less – As cold pressed is more nutritionally dense, you will need to feed around 30% less per bowl, so make sure you read the feeding guide for the right amount for your dog. This also means your bag of food lasts longer!

• Water – As with feeding any dry food, cold pressed should always be served with a bowl of fresh water, so your pooch remains hydrated.

Premium Raw Dog Food

The Wilsons Premium range is created for customers who are new to raw or are looking for a hassle free raw, a complete meal already blended with vegetables, herbs & minerals.

Core Raw Dog Food

Their Core 80|10|10 range is created for customers who have fed raw before and want DIY raw, a complete meal blended with meat, bone & offal, ready for additions.

Wilsons Pet Food

Wilsons Pet Food was established in 1861 and their raw frozen and cold pressed dog food is made in the UK in their two purpose-built factories in Scotland.

Not only are they providing fantastic food for our dogs but they also conscious of doing what they can to help protect the planet by reducing the use of plastic packaging. Their raw frozen food now comes in biodegradable and recyclable packaging, with the new eco pack range of cold pressed launching soon!