Dachshunds are used frequently in movies and TV and their distinctive short legs and long body have helped them to become one of the most popular breeds.

Originally bred as hunting dogs, a Dachshund’s prey was primarily Badgers! The traits that make them so adorable, help Dachshunds to dig and manouver in tunnels.

The miniature variety was bred to help the dogs fit into smaller tunnels when looking for rabbits and weasels.


The most common health issues for Dachshunds are likely the most obvious. Throughout their lifetime many pups will have issues with their backs and injuries of this kind can be painful and cause long-term issues.

Dachshund owners should also be cautious to not let their dog get overweight as this can put undue strain on their backs.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Symptoms: pain, not willing to move, strange posture, difficulty moving

Dachshunds are more at risk than most of developing back problems and so this is a common problem to watch out for

Canine Cancer

Symptoms: abnormal lumps on the skin, loss of appetite and/or energy

Cancer in dogs is as varied as it is in humans, and Dachshunds are particularly susceptible. More common in older dogs, it’s worth checking your pup regularly for unusual lumps.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Symptoms: bad eyesight in low light, bumbing into things

An issue affecting a dog’s vision, which will deteriorate over time. This can be found before birth by DNA testing the parents.


There are three types of coat variation with Dachshunds.


Regular brushing is a must for pups with long coats.


Very little special grooming is required.


Plenty of facial hair and some impressive eyebrows

Miniature Dachshunds can be as small as 12.5cm with the max height of Dachshunds clocking in at almost double, around 23cm

Dachshunds come in many different combinations of colours and patterns. Dogs with only one colour tend to be red, cream or more rarely, black.

Other colour combinations consist of two or more colours and the patterns you might see include; Dapple, Piebald, Sable and Brindle


Dachshunds are incredibly confident so you’re unlikley to find a dachshund acting shyly around strangers, children, or other dogs. This can mean you need to be careful to keep your dog under control around others, as they can be very lively!

Because they are so small and fairly easy to care for, Dachshunds are well suited to living in smaller living situations e.g. Apartments. You won’t have many problems with barking bothering neighbours and they don’t need much outdoor space, just some good walks outside.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

Happy with Strangers

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