German Shepherds

Energetic and Loyal, a fantastic family dog

German Shepherds

Energetic and Loyal, a fantastic family dog


Perfect for getting the family out of the house, the German Shepherd is a very energetic breed that needs lots of exercise!

They are good with children and other dogs once they’ve got to know them but German Shepherds can be somewhat shy at first. Separation Anxiety can be a concern as German Shepherds are very loyal to their family.

A generally healthy breed, there are some things to look out for with German Shepherds to make sure they remain healthy, happy and active!


German Shepherds have been bred for many years to look a certain way. This means that they are more susceptible to certain conditions than other breeds, especially conditions that can affect a dogs hips and back legs.

When getting a puppy, it’s important to make sure vital health screens take place.

Hip Dysplasia

Symptoms: walking strangely, limping, clicking noise, difficulty standing

This condition is caused by a mis-alignment in the dog’s leg joint. It can occur as the dog grows and symptoms can come and go.


Symptoms: bloated abdomen, coughing/retching, heavy/rapid panting

Bloat is a condition that affect big dogs. German Shepherds are more susceptible as they have deep chests. Learning how to deal with bloat is vital for a German Shepherd owner.

Anal Furunculosis

Symptoms: blood in feaces, loss of appetite, excessive licking of tail and rectal area

A condition that is not yet fully understood, Anal Furunculosis is an issue with a dog’s rectal area. Most of the time, this condition can be treated either medically or surgically.


More than many other breeds, there is one coat colour that dominates when it comes to the German Shepherd, Black and Tan Sable.

That being said, you can find German Shepherds in a wide range of colours including White, Black, Blue and Liver (Brown).

A German Shepherd’s coat tends to be either a solid colour, or a sable pattern with two colours. There are some rarer patterns like the Panda.

German Shepherd Dog Coat Colours - Yellow Boxes containing pictures of a German Shepherd's coat in various colours: Black and Tan, Black, White, Grey/Blue, and Liver ( or Brown )
A vector image of a German Shepherd dog. The image is dark blue and the dog is featured profile looking right.

With a double coat, German Shepherds need brushing a few times a week to keep their fur looking soft and shiny.

German Shepherds are on the larger side of a medium dog, reaching up to 65cm in height and 40kg in weight.


Because German Shepherds were originally bred for heading animals, they are incredibly energentic and love being active. Outdoor space is a must for a German Shepherd, wether that’s a garden or a nearby park.

A German Shepherd can be shy with strangers but after a while they can be comfortable around everyone, dogs and people alike. Good with children, a German Shepherd can make a fantastic family dog.

German Shepherds are extremely loyal which can mean issues will arise with separation anxiety when left with groomers or at kennels.

Friendly with Children

Friendly with Dogs

Suited to Compact Living

Happy with Strangers

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