Keeping your dog safe

By Jessica Graves

Dog theft is a great concern for many dog owners at present, with a dramatic rise of devastating incidents.

Dog lost reported 172 dogs stolen in 2019, with a stark increase to 456 stolen in 2020, that’s a rise of 170%. Of course, this is extremely worrying for all dog owners, but can we be proactive?

Is there something we can do to keep our beloved dogs safe? And ourselves for that matter. Here are a few Do’s, Don’ts and Top Tips that you may not have considered, which can make all the difference to keeping you and Fido safe.

At Home

Don’t assume your garden is safe. There are ways to reduce the risk of theft from your garden, by erecting high fences and securing gates with locks. Still, supervising your dog whilst exercising or toileting in the garden, will mean you can act quickly if any unwanted visitors try to access your garden!

Keep your doors locked even when you are home.


Never leave your dog tied-up unattended, outside a shop, for example. Don’t leave them alone in a car, even if it is locked.

When out and about, always make sure your dog’s collar has an ID tag fitted, with your surname, address, postcode and telephone number. It is also important to make sure microchip details are up to date.

Try not to walk alone, find a friend or family member that can accompany you. That age-old saying ‘safety in numbers’ can certainly apply here. If you do have to walk alone, WALK WITH CONFIDENCE. Before setting off tell someone you trust; the route you plan to take, the time you are setting off and plan to be back. You may be able to share your live location with them via a mobile device.

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