Post Puppy Blues

By Jordan Dargue

Are you overwhelmed with your new puppy?

In a recent blog post we discussed the fact that a lot of people tend to get their new puppies around the festive time of year and undeniably, as a result, the number of dogs that are then left at shelters increases. Getting a new puppy brings along new challenges, and it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially if it is your first puppy. 

Quite often January not only brings normal everyday blues but it also can bring post puppy blues if you have recently brought a new puppy into your household. Quite often in January, dog shelters start to fill up. In 2021 we will likely see an even bigger increase due to the fact that a lot of people have bought puppies during the pandemic. 

That’s why we want to kick-start our 2021 blogs and articles looking at how to overcome the overwhelming feeling that comes with a new puppy. Trust us, you are not alone!!!

The puppy blues can happen at any point during the puppy stage. It may start right after you bring the dog home for the first time, during that first week, or it may happen after a few months. It could last for a couple of days, weeks, or maybe months if the problem is not addressed.

One of the most common symptoms of puppy blues is anxiety. It may become hard to do anything involving your puppy without becoming over anxious and stressed.  This anxiety can have a huge adverse effect on how you bond with your puppy. It’s very important to form a bond as a puppy expects you to care for them for their whole life, which can be over 20 years in some cases. 

A puppy comes with so many perks, so enjoy them! They are cute, provide good company, give unconditional love and support, they play, make you smile, and will always be there for you.  Although a puppy comes with perks, it also comes with great responsibility. Despite the fact that it is worth it in the long run, the responsibility and new difficulties can bring about the puppy blues.

Puppies make huge demands on your finances, time and energy. The puppy blues is most likely caused by the increased demand on your emotional and physical energy. 

Not many people ever admit to having these blues but, trust me, many have and won’t talk openly about it. Being sad does not make you a bad pet owner, let’s get that straight….

Trying to overcome those puppy blues can be easier than you think, and we want to help you overcome those blues by using some straightforward methods to bring you and your puppy back into a happy relationship.

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