K9 Clean Up

Your K9 Nation needs you!

K9 Clean Up 2021 27th - 30th August!

Are you tired of seeing your favourite dog walking spots ruined by litter? We are too! Our initiative to clean up these areas began with #K9Cleanup, which saw the wonderful dog owner community head out and clean up litter on their walks.

K9 Clean Up 2021

Join us again, for the K9 Clean Up 2021 between 27th – 30th August!

After the success of the campaign last year, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring our community together once again! This year our community is even larger and so we can have an even greater impact!

There will be plenty more information to come before the Clean Up date! Enter your details to stay up to date with the Clean Up campaign!

What is the K9 Clean Up?

What is the
K9 Clean Up?

As part of the K9 Nation company values, we are keen to support community and environmental awareness campaigns making our world an overall better place to live.

Keeping our streets, parks and beaches clean is an on-going problem. Not only is it bad for the environment but it poses a major health risk for dogs both from an injury and illness perspective.

The K9 Nation Clean Up Campaign is aimed at not only helping to clean up our favourite recreational areas and outdoor locations, but it’s also to help and support the changing of the public and dog owner behaviours on matters related to littering, general hygiene and proper waste disposal management.

K9 Nation’s objective for this campaign is to see the dog owner community come together to make a difference, raise awareness of the environmental impact of littering and support the governmental agendas of cleaning up our streets from waste.

What happened last year?

Between the 28th – 31st August 2020, our K9 Clean Up campaign launched and we saw dog owners head out to help clean up our beautiful country!

Over the August bank holiday weekend in 2020, our K9 Clean Up campaign started! We saw dog owners from across the UK take the opportunity on their daily walks to pick up rubbish and help keep our country clean.

We created the K9 Clean Up Kit to help support our dog owner community in their efforts. With the Clean Up Kit, we were also able to provide support for one of the UK’s biggest dog charities at a time when they were struggling more than ever. In total, as part of the K9 Clean Up campaign, we donated £1000 to Dogs Trust!

With our campaign through social media, we reached over 110,000 people, got over 50 businesses engaged and had almost 200 people taking part!

The #K9Cleanup hashtag was mentioned over 150 times on social media and we had lots of people sending us pictures of their walks! You can check out some of those above!
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Want to start now?

A man, holding a phone, sat next to a black dog and a blue, K9 branded, bin bag. Imagery for the K9 Clean up campaign

Post a Selfie

Grab a picture taking part in a #K9cleanup walk, post it on social media, and see what others in the community have done!

An image describing the details of our K9 Clean up campaign. "I'm taking part in the K9 Clean-up. Lets build a cleaner nation for everyone. Join me."

Invite Others

The more people that take part, the bigger the impact! Invite your friends and family, and their dogs, to pick up litter on their walks!

A selection of the items in our K9 Clean up kit. A tag for a dog's collar. Two badges with the K9 logo, two pots of balm for a dog's nose and paws, and a card with information about the K9 clean-up event


Click below and let us know which charity you think we should support as part of this year's K9 Clean Up campaign!

In The Press

The #K9Cleanup campaign was picked up by national news outlets and they spoke with our Founder, Becky, about the campaign and it’s aims. You can read those articles here!